Saturday, November 22, 2008

Triumph International Japan’s Jury Bra

I came across this article on Japan Today a couple of weeks ago but could not seem to find time to collect my thoughts to whip up a post. I have been so busy getting my own lingerie listed on the Store in time for the holidays, you see.

Anyway, once again, Triumph International Japan came out with a social bra like they have done for the past few years. Remember their No Shopping Bag bra, "My Chopstick Bra" and Anti-Smoking bra? This time round, it's the Jury bra, which I understand, was designed in conjunction with the lay juror system which will start in Japan come 21st May, 2009.

Although I have to say that the Japanese are a pretty creative and innovative lot, this Jury System bra is so ugly, it's like golden coconut bras. Whenever I see such novelty bras from Triumph International Japan, I have to ask if there is anyone who would buy and wear them. Would you?

Source: Japan Today & Neil Duckett. More photos HERE.


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