Friday, June 27, 2008

Janet Jackson Announces Upcoming Lingerie Line

Janet Jackson announced that she is working on a new lingerie line. Oh-oh is that good or bad news? Remember her "wardrobe malfunction" incident? Is there anyone who would want to wear her lingerie and support her sales with her sense of fashion? And I don't think that it would be anywhere cheap too with her name stitched on her lingerie?

This looks like the trend of many "has been" celebrities to venture into stuff like lingerie, perfume, shoes and other "female" items.

Personally, I am not particularly interested in Janet Jackson's lingerie designs. Knowing her taste, they would most probably turn out too risqué for my liking. Bah! However, if you are looking forward to Janet Jackson lingerie, you would have to wait till later this year when it is expected to hit stores.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Larry Birkhead Wins Anna Nicole Smith’s Lingerie In Auction

Anna Nicole Smith's ex-lover Larry Birkhead, snapped up two articles of Anna Nicole's lingerie items claiming these are keepsakes for their daughter, one year old Dannielynn, to remember her mother by.

Well, one would think that he's being a great, sentimental father to Dannielynn but that is certainly one of the weirdest gestures a father could do for his daughter. I wonder what Dannielynn would think of her mother. Hopefully, she will grow up to be a fine young lady, unlike her mother!

Larry Birkhead reportedly spent US$3000 in the auction of Anna Nicole Smith's lingerie. There was no mention on who auctioned them, or were photos circulated so we do not know exactly which lingerie pieces Larry Birkhead bid on and won in the auction.

I would certainly like to take a look at Anna Nicole Smith's lingerie. Are you as curious as I am which Anna Nicole's lingerie that Larry Birkhead snapped up?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marisa Miller: Top Lingerie Model

For today's post, I actually contemplated if I should write about Marisa Miller, Adriana Karembeu or Colombian lingerie designer Ines Vanegas.

In the end I decided on Marisa Miller because it has been ages since I wrote about a hot lingerie model and Marisa Miller is number one on Maxim's Hot 100 this year so there's no denying her popularity. By the way, she is at number nine on Ask Men's 2008 list of 99 hot female celebrities.

While Marisa Miller does not have the most striking of facial features, she does have a body to die for, yet she thinks that it is the most shameful thing on yet. Then why continue to flaunt it? Haha!

Marisa Miller is more popular as a swimsuit or bikini model thanks to her incessant appearance on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. However, in line with the theme of my blog, I am more interested to see Marisa Miller in lingerie and there's no shortage of shots of her in lingerie thanks to her work with Victoria's Secret.

As if Marisa Miller is not hot enough, this shot of her wearing ONLY an Apple iPod made her a hit among men. I have to admit, her looks shone through in this shot!

Marisa Miller "wearing" an Apple iPod

For the latest news on Marisa Miller, visit her official websites HERE. If you are a fan of the gorgeous Adriana Karembeu, don't worry, I'll be doing a post on her soon enough!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bracli Luxury Original Pearl Thong

The other day, when I was writing about Cosabella Sex and the City Lingerie Collections, I was reminded of something else that made waves when it appeared on Sex and the City about a year ago. It was the original Mallorcan pearl thong by Spanish luxury lingerie maker, Bracli.

I have sold pearl thongs before and although what I had was not as daring as these from Bracli, they were very well received. If I could get my hands on Bracli, I am sure they will sell like hot cakes here. Hhmmmm I must add, though, I am sure wearing these pearl thongs will not be comfortable at all.

I believe that luxury lace and pearl lingerie by Bracli is not available in Malaysia but with more and more people shopping online or shopping overseas, I wouldn’t be surprise if there are ladies here with Bracli luxury lingerie in their collection of lingerie!

Want to know how much these are? Bracli lace and pearl bras are sold in some online retailers at £45.00 while lace and pearl thongs are sold from £35.00 - £45.00. So a set of these would be at least £80.00. Ahem ….

For those daring enough, they perhaps would like to try Bracli thongs with two stunning rows of Mallorcan pearls. That’s really something!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gladys Knight Knightwear – Plus Size Celebrity Lingerie

Today, I thought I would write about plus size lingerie. I really wanted something different since I have written on Katie Price plus size lingerie twice and the plus size lingerie carried by Lane Bryant, the specialist in plus size apparel, does not meet my standards.

Anyway, I thought I would write about Gladys Knight's Knightwear, her celebrity plus size lingerie line which was launched about two years ago. To my disappointment, I could not find any fresh information on Knightwear except this promotional picture of Gladys Knight in one of her plus size silk lingerie item.

Gladys Knight in her plus size lingerie line, Knightwear

You know, first of all, I find it rather dumb to name her lingerie line "Knightwear". I know it is supposedly a clever play of her name but then there is nothing feminine about the name and does not really reflect the product. Branding is very important when competition is so stiff, even though there are not too many lingerie labels that cater to plus size African Americans.

Knightwear will only conjure the image of masculine medieval armoured wear and ugh, I am sorry, I don't want these as my underwear!

I went to check the website of Ashley Stewart, a store that specializes in plus size apparel for African American women in general, which carried Knightwear when it was first launched and could not find this plus size lingerie label anymore. Seriously, they need a name change!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Natori Couture Lingerie

Just now, when I was randomly surfing around, I chanced upon the website of The Natori Company. I remember selling a couple of Natori panties not too long ago. They were very high quality stuff but it took me quite a while to sell them because the people here are unfamiliar with the brand.

The Natori Company

My sister told me that Natori is a well-known Japanese brand in America. Upon reading the history of Natori, now I understand that the brainchild behind Natori is actually a Filipina. Natori is her husband's family name and it is Japanese. So I don't think we can call it a "Japanese label".

Natori Collections

Anyway, browsing through the collections of Natori, including Josie Natori, Josie and Cruz, I think that here on the Natori webstore, their focus is no on the basic bras, panties and thongs but rather on couture lingerie. In fact, you may have to buy basic Natori bra and panty at a brick-n-mortar store near you.

I am a little disappointed that Natori does not have a Spring/Summer 2008 lingerie collection. Judging from the seriously high price tags, I am not surprised that Natori is not sold here in Malaysia.