Friday, December 19, 2008

Victoria’s Secret 2008 Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

A few days ago, Victoria's Secret unveiled their new Fantasy Miracle Bra. If you are familiar with VS, you will know that they have a new luxurious bra every year end in the spirit of Christmas. This year is no exception. Here comes the Victoria's Secret 2008 Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra created by diamond jeweler, Martin Katz.

2008 Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

This bra is set with 3575 black diamonds, 117 certified 1 cart round diamonds, and 34 rubies. The tow black diamond drops that you see in the image total 100 carats. Total carat weight is 1500 ct. Total price is US$5 million.

Adriana Lima

With so many diamonds and rubies, I wonder if they played the song, "Diamonds and Rubies" at the unveiling. Anyway, with this price tag, I wonder if there would be a buyer and if there is, if it will be worn or just for display or as a collector's item.

Also, I think that Victoria's Secret should have their Fantasy Miracle bras come with a matching string too. Don't you think so?

Source: Victoria’s Secret